Employee Home Run

I grew up in companies where there was almost open warfare with the boss.

Whatever he or she said was derided and made fun of behind their back.

For some reason, I didn’t make great progress in the companies!  Duh!

Being in management is tough.  Extremely tough! Incredibly tough!

Managers are wrong sometimes.  Some have perfected being wrong better than others!

As an employee, it is my job to align myself with the manager as best as I can and deliver.

My job is to get my assigned job done quietly, without a brass band, accurately, and quickly.

But, to meet a manager’s needs, I must understand them and align with what the manager requires me to do.

This is not easy as it means getting in sync with how the manager thinks.

It means having conversations with the manager understanding what their hot buttons are and what they are trying to achieve.

Some managers want to follow all of the rules of the company – to the letter.

Other managers want to achieve great things and it means breaking a few company rules to get the job done.

Some managers what to climb the corporate ladder taking on difficult projects and driving their employees hard.

Others don’t want recognition in the company and are happy with going through the day quietly and without fanfare.

When you go to work for a manager, you need to make sure you can align with that person.

If you are quiet and introverted, working for a high profile power boss may not work.

If you are a climber, working for a quiet unassuming competent but not flashy boss will not work for you.

If you are miserable at your work, check on how your personality aligns with your boss.

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